Tuesday, November 27, 2007--- ♥4:16 PM
Me with You, setting in a honeymoon. If I woke up next to you, if I woke up next to you.


Some of my fave episodes! (Just 'cause I love Will&Grace and Amanda!)♥
I know they're old, but I just love th
em! =D

I love, love, love, love Ellen Degeneres' show!!! She's so full of confidence and she's super super funny! I always end up laughing when watching her-- I even laughed in that episode where she cried about the adopted dog-- I know, that's so mean of me! Sorryyyyy!! But what can I do, I just find her really hilarious! =D

On the week that was.

The first one was taken at my school's bathroom, while the next ones were taken at the Subway on the way to the Pre-Thanksgiving house party we went to at Upper West Manhattan (near Central Park)! =D
Fun, fun! =D

And just 'cause he's soo hot... Here's a Paparazzi-esque shot of my Psych teacher! =D
Haha! I took this right before we had our quiz (which I didn't even know we were having that day-- but I still got a B.. So, not bad!!).


Sweetness!! Look at what my friend gave me for Thanksgiving! Homemade Fudge by Fudgie Wudgie-- which tastes so good, I could die! Haha!! ♥ ♥

Here's our 11-pound turkey! Sooo yummy!! =D

We watched the parade of the balloons at Central Park on television (which by the way I know sounds really childish but is actually not 'cause it's sponsored by Macy's, and it's kind of like their tradition here!), then had a "mini-thanksgiving-dinner-with-salad,wine,karekare,flounder-celebration-fiesta" at our place with some of Mom's friends. =P

It's actually my first time to celebrate Thanksgiving! It was also my first time to eat a turkey THAT big, 'cause yeah I've eaten turkey before-- but just in a sandwich!! Haha! =D


They call the day after Thanksgiving here "Black Friday."
It's the day when almost all the shops/malls here open at midnight and have their "HUGE-EST" sale of the year. It's just sad for me 'cause I didn't have any money to spend so I just stayed at home... bored and jealous! =(
ARG! Haha! I sooo want a job!


We went at this Fil-Am bar, Taste of Asia.

Newfound friends:
Kayumanggi Band-- Maky, Lester, Edward & Arnel,
Our tagasundo at tagahatid-- Alfred and Alex,
YB people outside-- Rusty and Jeric.

Redhorse (Yes, they do have RH here!),
Chicharon Flower! Haha! =D,
Old Skool Ruffa Gutierrez and Gloria Romero TFC Movies! Haha!,
Getting home at 6 in the morning-- and not getting caught!

My head was really hurting because of no sleep but I still had to go at Jack's all the way in Manhattan 'cause my Mom wanted to buy some stuff for our bathroom.

I didn't want to take the Subway going home so I took the bus instead. While sitting there-- ALONE-- I know, Loser! Haha!! I felt like Serena Van Der Woodsen on one of the scenes here.

I know, I know.. Hers is on a train! But it's the same looking-outside-the-window-looking-at-the-sights-feel. =D

I also got to watch ONE MORE CHANCE!
Pootek!! Mahal ko na talaga si John Lloyd!! Haha!! And as expected, naiyak na naman ako! Haha!!!
I hated the ending though! Mas gusto ko kung hindi nalang sila nagkabalikan ulit! Hindi palaging "Happily Ever After" ang ending pag sa totoong buhay no! Sa fairytales lang nangyayari yun! Haha!!! =P
Thank God for pirate people!!
And thank God for!!

Just 'cause skulls are pretty! =P


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