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Aren't they just the CUTEEEEEE-est???!!!!???

BRITISH ACCENTS REALLY ARE A MAJOR TURN ON-- Yes, even on babies! Haha! Just kidding! I'm no Michael Jackson guys!

Lemme' update some other time! For now, here's my year-ender survey. =)
BYEEEEE '07!!! We truly went through a lot! =)

( Got this from Nashkiepoo!! =D )

1. Did you fall in love?
Unfortunately, yes. =(

2. Did you get any new best friends?
Yessss!!! And met a lot of "potential" ones too! =)

3. Did you start disliking some one?
Oh yes, definitely!!!!!!

4. Did you get your heart broken?
Yes. Oh well... =)

5. If you could change something about this past year, what would it be?
I wouldn't wanna change anything because if not for THAT, I wouldn't even be here.

6. Are you happy of how things turned out?
At times, yes. More often than not, no. But then it's all good now. =)

7. Did you get any tattoos? Where and what of?
Not YET. Yet-- maybe sometime or later... Haha! =)

8. Did you get any thing pierced? Where?
Nope. And I intend to keep it that way. I'm contented with the holes in my ear, thankyouverymuch!

9. What's your new favorite color(s)?

10. Did you do any thing life changing?
Maybe yes, maybe no. =D Find out for yourself. =)

11. Favorite piece of clothing?
Skinnies and hoodies. =D

12. Did you go to any parties?
Ofcourseeeeeeee!!!! =D PARTEEYYY PEOPLEEEEEEEEE!!!

13. Did you have any surgeries?
Thankfully, no!

14. Do you like our president?
Hmm.. I really don't care! =P

15. Do you support our troops?
Yeah. Give them some credit! They fight with their lives at stake! Poor families! =(

16. Were you in the relay for life?
No. I'm not really a runner! Haha!

17. Did you get engaged/married?
Divorced/Annuled/It's Complicated. =P

19. What's your favorite thing you got for christmas last year?
EVERYTHING!!!! The one that meant most though was the gift from my Mom. =)

20. What's the thing you want the most
this year for Christmas?
Macbook!!! Or Itouch!!! Sadly, I think Santa ran out of money for me. =P

21. Has any body you loved passed away?
Aww, yes! My Lola. =( I soo miss her! =(

22. How's school going so far?
A student, baby! =D

23. Did you get any pets this year?
No. I hate pets. Haha!

24. Did you have any "new" members added to your family?
Yes, my baby cousin which I still haven't seen upto now!! I wanna make her cryyyyyy!!!!

25. What's your favorite song?
It's still Feels like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk

26. Who's your favorite band?
Lifehouse. -Me tooooo!!! =D

27. Favorite person in your family?

28. Have you had a job?
Haha.. The naughty one or the legit one? =P

29. Have you been arrested?
Yes-- Nyahaha!! Feeling Paris! Jokeeeeee!!!=P

30. Have you been in trouble?

31. Have you thought about suicide/murder?
Just that one time when... Secret... =)

32. Are you emo?
Nope. Fukc, emo people.

33. Favorite trend of the year?
Posh's ' 'do.-- I could never pull that one off!

34. What decade do you wish you could
live in?
This decade is fine.

36. Do you have a crush on someone?

37. Favorite quote/saying?
asdfghjkl, are the letters on the second line of the keyboard. =P

38. New Year's resolution?
Be happier and wiser this year.-- I really do hope it comes true. =)

Will answer the tags and comments tom, guys! Thanks to everyone who left something! =D Need to sleep now, byeeeeee!!! =D


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