Friday, December 21, 2007--- ♥5:27 PM
Santa can you hear me?

Hey guys!

This is just gonna be a quick one 'cause I'm at my Mom's office right now. I couldn't update at home because as I've told you in my Cbox, something is wrong with our computer-- it won't open Blogger. =( Fudgeeeeeee!!!

So yeah, I didn't come all the way here just to make an entry. I'm here because I just came from Macy's and Lord&Taylor-- ofcourse for my dose of Christmas shopping!! Haha! =D

I wasn't able to buy the things I wanted though cause they were soo expensive-- THAT sucked! So, I just took a picture of them! Haha! I'm just gonna wait till next season's sale comes.

I really wanted this one! It was from FreePeople but it was worth $128 so.. good riddance! =(

I just loved this one too but again, it was beyond my budget! =(

So, I just settled for this jacket. I'm not too happy with it but atleast I got something! =P

And here's my Christmas bow! =) Very Blair Waldorf-ish, don't you think? Heehee! =D

Okay, that's it we need to go! =D I hope our computer gets fixed soon so I could greet you guys during the holidays! =)

Oh, one more thing.. I got an A in my Math for Medical Dosage!!! Woohoo!! But just a B in Psychology.. Arg, Blakeyyyyy whyyyyyy!!!


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