Monday, December 17, 2007--- ♥11:29 AM
Stop and stare, I think I'm moving but I go nowhere.


They say that when you care for someone, it means you love them-- right?
So go ahead, take care of her.

Don't worry, I'll be taking care of you.

Sorry for posting emo-ish entries lately.
I'm just sad.

Mmkay, I'm happy now! =D

If your wondering, I'm actually here at school right now. I'm gonna be paying my tuition fee later and I'm just waiting for some friends to arrive so I just stayed her at the lib.

I'm only gonna be having 1 subject this Session-- Developmental Psychology. Session 2 only lasts for 6 weeks so it is not advisable to take more than 5 credits. I'm also gonna be doing work starting January. Yep, yep, cause guess what-- WHAT? I'm a baby-sitter now! Ahaha! Yey! Money, money! =D

Anyways, agree with me on this one. People who aren't really your friends shouldn't be adding you in Friendster, right? I just opened one of my old accounts and saw that someone with the screen name "Ignacio" wanted to add me. I don't really know any Ignacio's from back home, and I most certainly haven't met someone named Ignacio here. So then I check his profile. But lo and behold, it's for private viewing only. What shocked me though was the message in his shoutout-- the URL of his blog. So okay.. Ignacio. Geez, what an idiotic "codename."

So here's one for you, Ignacio. Yes, I know you still do visit my page! Isn't it enough for you that I accepted you in Imeem? What's the purpose of adding me in Friendster too? Are you trying to copy what your SYOTA did to me? Our world is indeed small-- you have mentioned that to me once. But why do you keep on making it smaller? If you want to be left alone, then leave ME alone as well. What's the purpose of adding me? Now who's being AMBISYOSO?

Mmkay, word vomit. I need to stop now. Haha! It's almost Christmas and I don't want to stress myself with these useless issues! Rarr!

Stop hatin' ,spread the lovin'!

Okay, need to go.. They're calling me already!


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