Wednesday, January 16, 2008--- ♥1:28 PM
I say, "Brr! It's cold in here!"

Haha! =D Some guy gave me his number while I was walking at 6th Ave. yesterday. It was soo funny! I searched for him in Facebook and found his account! Haha!! =D Lookie, lookie (his pictures!)...

This maybe the most normal shot you can see of him! Because...

Wahaha!! WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE??? I think he might be a pornstar! Haha! Watchuthink??? =P

Too bad, if only I've met him when he was younger...

Sayang! Pero pwedeng pang puppy-love nun! Haha! =D (He's the one on the left.)

Anyways, I won't be calling him to "hang-out and stuff"(his words!). So, call him if you're interested.. duh, you already have his number! Haha! =P

Celebrities are really lucky they have their winter homes in 'freakin Dubai or some hidden island in God-knows-where during this kind of weather! I hate winter! I abso-effin-lutely hate it! =)

I hate it because--
- it makes my kulot, salot hair all frizzy!
- it makes me miss my Havaianas and shorts!
- the sun is only seen from 7-something to 4pm-ish! (I miss it!)
- it causes my skin dryness.. and my lips, chappyness(if ever there's a word?).
- it spells innerwear, sweaters, turtlenecks, tights, leg warmers, jeans, gloves, bonnets and jackets (YES, all at the same time!).
- it makes the hair on my legs grow faster(I don't even know why!).
- it takes forever, and I mean, FOREVER to get dressed even if you're just gonna go grab something at the deli!
- (this is funny!)-- a friend once told me it reminded her of Shakespeare's, "to be or not to be"-- but in this case it's "too pee or not to pee", since you have to go through this whole process of undressingANDredressing just to let it out! And yeah, it really is no laughing matter being stuck in a cubicle (with used tampons, boogers and whatnots!) with like a ton of clothing on.
- and don't even get me started with SNOW! Ughhhh!!

I hate it! I just hate it! Bwahaha!
Winter is evil I tell you, eviiiiiil!!!

This was during our 15-minute break. We weren't hungry so we didn't leave the room. I was sleepy and bored too, soooo...

Sinong may crush dito??? Haha!! Potpot, is dat youuuu??? =P
I like his laugh! It's really contagious! I hate his hands though! Parang pang construction worker! =P

This guy's story naman is, he has already taken our class (DevPsych) last Session (with the same prof!), pero he got an F from her so he needed to take it again. What I don't get is, why did he take it again with the same prof? What if she gives him an F again? Weird! Oh well...

Anyways, I need to do my paper now! Yesss, I know, another one!!!-- (Pero sa totoo lang, hindi ko pa yun gagawin ngayon, sa Tuesday pa naman ipapasa eh..) Magbabasa lang ako ng GG!! Haha.. So, byeeeee!! =)


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