Saturday, January 12, 2008--- ♥11:53 PM
That's a secret I'll never tell.

I can't sleep. Rar!!

My night light got busted and... oh well, I might as well admit it! Yes, I have a "problem" with sleeping without the lights turned on... I know, I'm old! =P But in all fairness to me, I too can sleep in the dark, given that I have someone beside or someone inside the room with me. But right now, I'm alone so.. tough luck!
"I'm sorry dilim, it's not you.. it's me!! Haha! =P


Oh, and I noticed that everytime I post something here, it shows up in my Multiply too! At first I didn't know why that was happening, but then I remembered that during that time I was having problems with Google, I enabled the cross-posting thingy there. So yea, if anyone is viewing this via my Multiply account, Hello to you!! =D
(Just visit my blog-- CLICK HERE -- so you could understand what I would be talking about in the next line.)

So anyways, since I can't go to thee dreamland, I decided to just change my lay. Well not exactly change CHANGE, cause as you can see, it still kinda looks like the old one.. I just tinkered with a few things. If the former lay was Gossip Girl-ish, this one naman(WHAT IS THE FREAKIN' ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THIS WORD??) is inspired by Sophie Kinsella's, Can You Keep a Secret?-- and yes, the "secrets" at the topmost part aren't mine (they were from Chapter 1 of the book!).


Haha. I just LOL-ed myself over here! =D While typing this, I was viewing this girls' blog-- have you heard of her? If not, then you're like me too! I just "discovered" her a while ago! Oh, and she has videos in YouTube too!

(Checks the videos out!)

Haha. OMGosh!!!
This is soo funny!! I love her accent!! I can't stop laughing!! This is soo crazy!! She is soo crazy!! =P
"But if I'm a flea, I wouldn't choose a sheep's like.. fur lah, it would be like way too thick!... I guess fleas don't really have opinions."
Panaloooo. OMG!! Winner!!! =D

Anyways, I'm gonna end this now cause I'm gonna go watch this girls' videos! Bwahaha! =D
Bye, bye! =D

P.S. I'll reply to the tags and comments tomorrow, okie?
Me loves youuu!! =)

P.P.S. I've been too used to getting hurt, but it still makes me cry at night and bleed inside.---
If everything was just designed to end up.. then who am I to let things happen the way I want?
People come and go. Love starts sweet, and ends bitter. The trust once strong, now has weakened. One day he's sweet, the next he'll turn into someone else. He told me he loves me, and then takes it back by showing me he can move on and be better without me...
--AND be a lot happier with someone else.

(Wala lang.)

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