Monday, February 4, 2008--- ♥1:39 PM
Eventhough the gods are crazy, eventhough the stars are blind.

I just realized that I had watched a lot of movies this past week.-- First there's P.S.I Love You, then Cloverfield.. then Untraceable.. and 27 Dresses.. and finally, Meet the Spartans-- which really sucked! And this week we're planning to watch some more.. How She Move, Over Her Dead Body, The Eye and Fool's Gold (Yey, Matthew and Kate!♥).

I can't believe I missed Atonement though! Too bad.

But I'm definitely waiting for Jumper! Woohoo! That hottie Hayden Christensen can walk in my sky anytime. Haha! =D


I am proud to announce that I'm officially done with my Paris Hilton phase! Haha! I'm over her!!! I don't even know why I idolized her in the first place anyways. Maybe it's because of her clothes.. or her love for the color pink.. But it's most definitely not because of her stupid dog.. or her sex video! Hmm.. I guess I just was young back then.. Yeah, young and stupid. Haha! She's not even pretty.. and she has horrendous knees!

And now she's ruining Elisha Cuthbert!

Why Elisha, why?? I've always liked you eversince your Girl Next Door days. Don't ruin your life!! Stop hanging out with the Queen of Herpes. Haha, jokee!! =D

Ugh! Fugly.

Anyways, I have my Blair-bear with me for the meantime.

There's always going to be that one guy.. That no matter what happens between you two, no matter how long you go without talking, you never stop loving him. :X

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