Sunday, February 17, 2008--- ♥9:10 PM
I still feel the butterflies whenever we have those "hang-up, no you hang-up first" moments.

[Belated Happy V day everyone! =D]
Hello old friend, I'm back! =)

I have been itching to write here since last week but tamaditis got the better of me.

Anyhoo, I bet this is gonna be really short 'cause while writing this, I'm also on the phone talking to my friend. I know, I AM the multi-tasking Queen! =D

So yeah, update? Update?--

Now this came straight from the horse's (or Kitty Minky's!) mouth:

Writer's Strike, OVER! GG, Back in business!

Leighton (uyy, close!) and I just spent the entire afternoon watching Breakfast at Tiffany's over her place and that was where she told me the good news.

Wahaha. Don't mind the schizophrenic me.

Session 2 just ended! Woohoo! Spring Semester, here I come!
Gulp, Anatomy.. we meet again. =(

Joseph and I spent Vday night at Thee Madison Square Garden (LOL, Sorry first-timer! Haha!) with Thee Rob Thomas and his entourage. Haha! =P

And here are some videos. These are only snippets. If you wanna watch all of them, visit my YTube account HERE. =D

(OMGosh, I can never show my face to you guys again after you hear me singing along to them. My voice is definitely something only my mother could love. =P )

It's Alanis Morisette in the house, yo!!!

We didn't even know that she was gonna be there! There was this new band called Mude Math or Duth Math (I don't remember!) which played first. We thought they were front acting Matchbox so her presence was really unexpected.-- Plus, her name wasn't even on the promos so it was really a "double treat" for us. Haha! =D

Her last song. Ironic. =)

My gahd, I'm really sorry about my voice. I didn't know that the camera would pick up on it that loud. Arr!
(Never mind the captions in YTube, I'll edit those later!)
She was sooo good! The voice, man! And it was sooper funny 'cause she did her "My Humps" version. Haha!! Hilarious! Too bad I wasn't able to take a video of it.

AND for the MAIN COURSE...

I was doing the countdown 'cause they had this big timer at the stage (which you couldn't see because of the lights!)

We didn't even know it was his birthday! Aww, we got to celebrate it with him! =)

Their last song. Push. =)
Kawawa naman yung boses ko jan, naghihingalo na.

And whatever okay, I know that the videos are in very bad condition. But it's not my camera's fault okay! It's only because we were seated at the farthest end because all the good seats were already sold out. And it's cause they didn't have that big white screen. So there! Haha.Our section was the one on the left (the 2 orange sections together) at the topmost right.

And I can't believe it! I checked the Madison Garden's official website (HERE), and found out that the Spice Girls are gonna be performing there tomorrow. Oh noessss!!! =(

Anyways, that's it. My friend is kinda getting irritated with the sound of my clacking keyboard already. Haha! =P

P.S. Oh yeah, I got my hair cut. I was going for the Asian Mullet (CINDYYY!!! Hindi man lang nila tiningnan yung pic mo!! Huhu!) look but FORTUNATELY for me (SARCASTIC MODE: ON!), the Chinese stylist didn't understand a word I was saying. Oh well.

And these, my friend, are how you're eyes might look like when you spend the whole night crying yourself to sleep. Haha. Not.

P.P.S. President's Day tomorrow. HOLIDAYYY!! Woohoo!! SALEEEE!!! Woohoo!! Laptop, ITouch or IPhone, that is the question! Helpppp!! =)

P.P.P.S. It was soo effin cold this week that it snowed for 2 days. A blizzard even came the day before that!
And what do you do when it snows and it's really, really cold and the roads are slippery?
You let the kiddos play AND you JOIN THEM!
I really am a very good babysitter!!

After playtime...
Haha. Tiredddd.

Till Tuesday!
('Cause I'm very sure I wouldn't be able to make an entry tomorrow since my Mom's gonna be here!)


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