Sunday, February 3, 2008--- ♥11:43 AM
The Nanny Diaries.

A very freaky-looking ("TIYANAK"-like) mannequin.
(Because just so you know, eventhough I like KIDS, I've always been secretly afraid of BABIES. I think all infants are TIYANAKS (thanks to Shake, Rattle and Roll movies when I was younger!).


I wasn't able to update because I got really busy with a lot of things! For those of you who still don't know, yes, I am now a baby-sitter! =D Haha! I have been "working" (NOTE: "Working" because all I need to do is help her do her homework... after that, we just watch TV, play computer/Wii/PS3/DS/"princess-princess" and eat. Man, that's the LIFEEE!!) for Michelle for 5 days now (for 3 hours a day-- 2:30 to 5:30 pm), and last Friday I got my very first pay! Haha! $150, babyyy!! I'm gonna use that and my pay next week to treat my Mom to the salon cause she's gonna be celebrating her (GASP!) 54th birthday! =P


Anyways, I got my facial done last Friday at Chinatown, ALONE. Yey, claps for me for quickly learning the twists and turns there! Man, I needed that break. They gave me free upper body massages and eyebrow tweezing. Painful? Yes! But don't you agree that with pain comes pleasure? Haha! Bastossss!! =D


Anyways, that's it for now. I still need to re-do my paper 'cause my professor said it lacks theory. Ugh. I hate!! Oh, and I'm really excited 'cause Mary and some of her friends are planning to come over here (they're from Philadelphia) on the 16th to watch Phantom of the Opera. Sana matuloy!!! Mary, pilitin mo silaaaaaa!! =D

"I am just the one he loves... not the one he's committed to."

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