Monday, February 25, 2008--- ♥12:11 AM

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Hey!! Noticed changes? Haha! Do you like, do you like? =)

I know I haven't been updating that much lately and I'm really sorry about that. I haven't even been visiting your blogs! Huhu. Bad, Nadine, bad! But it's just because of a lot of things (namely)-- work, household chores and ofcourse, social life. Wahaha! I'm really just enjoying my break 'cause Session 2's gonna start on the first week of March already.
So there.
Oh, and a few days ago I caught the coughs and the sniffles. Since Friday I've been getting high on Nyquil's and Vicks'. Woohoo. Not. And my throat is really sore and dry right now but I'm loving it 'cause it gave me thee "bedroom voice." Haha. Jokeee. But really, mee is not liking the weather right now ha! It's so erratic. One minute it's 40degF, the next it's negative; one minute it's very sunny, the next it's snowing and raining. Tsktsk. Now people, can you feel the Global Warming? Say Cheeseeee!! =P

So yeah, I better sleep now. I still need to get up early tomorrow and do the laundry, then go to work after (I know, CHILD LABORRRR!! LOL! Nah, it's all good!). Whopdee-doo.

Oh, and yeah. Maybe my next entry will be about the thing that happened to me last Wednesday. Soo freaky, really. *gets goosebumps* Joke lang! I didn't get goosebumps. It's not scary-"monster"-scary... It's scary-"stalker-maniac"-scary.
Hay, only in New York... Only in New York.


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