Tuesday, February 19, 2008--- ♥11:37 AM
Reflected Shadows.

A Babysitters' Secret--

While waiting at the school's park.
Make that thee perfect time to make good use of your IPod!

I got sick of playing pretend Hannah Montana
so Poof!, I turned Michelle into a flower.

While doing homework, act as if you care.

But at the end of the day, you know she still loves you.
Proof A: When asked to write a sentence with the word "BEST" on it, she wrote--
"My baby-sitter is the best."

Proof B: Whenever you have to leave, she starts giving you kisses and tells her dad, "Why can't you come home at 6?", and then baby cries.

Aww. ♥

OMGosh LiLo!! What have you done? Haha!!

Although I gotta admit, I do love the shots. Hmm, but the freckles? Not really a fan. =P

There’s this girl,
I know I see her everyday.--

She's miserable from head to toe;
She's not as happy as she says.
Outside she puts on a smile,
But she's crying inside.

All the while she pretends what they say doesn't bother her,
So she just laughs...
But her eyes are pouring out invisible tears.

She acts as though she loves life,
But really she feels like, "Why not? It's not like it would matter!"

I know this girl well!
I even know her thoughts.

She tries so hard to be perfect...
But at the end of the day,
She feels like she's not good enough...
Like life is sometimes too tough.--

This girl is part of me.
She’s always there.

Because I see her whenever I look in the mirror.

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