Tuesday, April 29, 2008--- ♥12:31 PM
And the best boredom buster goes to...


Rate this performance at The Sims On Stage

Sample, sample, sample! Haha!! =P
(I hope you'll still love me after this!)

I have been karaoke-ing online this weekend, everyone. Haha!!
Try it too, guys! Mag-feeling singers tayo together!

No need for those Magic Sings, they cost an arm! LOL!
Haha, endorser much? =P

Anyways if you do try it, check out my profile there! Let's be friends there too, if you make an account... add me and be my "fan." Woohoo!! Haha!

Here it is (Click!).

Wahaha! I'm not proud of any of the songs I've recorded there because at that time, I had the sniffles. Haha! But hey, all for good clean fun right?

And hey, if you do want to hear me at my "best" listen to my version of Smile (Lily Allen) or
Don't Know Why (Norah Jones) 'cause my friend told me it was one of my nicer ones. Haha.

(Well, maybe it was, maybe it wasn't.. maybe he was only pulling my leg to get to my good side.)

Whatever... I liked my Yellow (Coldplay) and Here, There and Everywhere (THE Beatles) rendition better!

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