Friday, April 4, 2008--- ♥7:47 PM
Happy Jollibee! =)

I miss blogging here. Huhu.

I have been over at Multiply a lot so if you guys have accounts there, feel free to add me up!
Ok, ok? =)
Check out my account, it's over at my "me" section on the sidebar.
Okay, I know you're too tamad to look for it so here's the link anyways... CLICK ME!

Anyways, we're almost halfway done with this Semester.
It's gonna be only 6 more weeks, then bye-bye Anatomy, hello Blogger again!!
(Can I get a yehey??? LOL!) I LOVEEE!!
Haha!! So yeah, see you guys after 6 weeks, mmkay??

Anyways, just wanna share...

They're gonna be opening a Jollibee branch 2 subway stops from where I live. (That's like 15 streets away). Woohoo, I effin love!!! Oh, diba? Jollibee East Coast talaga nakalagay? Soo posh!! Haha!! =)

And, pa-plug lang...
Don't forget to visit my friend's blog too!
It's (Click the URL)
She's new in blogger so let's welcome her ah! =)
Oh diba, totoo nga yung saying; "Pretty Pinoys in New York, flock together!"

Okay, that's it... XOXO!
You know you miss me,

N. ♥

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