Saturday, April 19, 2008--- ♥11:49 AM
Here I am pimpin' my cousin--

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My cousin can make KevJumba or Nigahiga run for their money. Haha! =)

(It really doesn't have an audio till you get to 30+seconds, but trust me, it's worth the wait!)

I can't believe my cousin's a You-Choob star now! LOL! =)
KevJumba, Nigahiga??? Tss, soooo last year! Now world I present to you, Gene Paolo. (*insert audience claps here*)
Chinito boys, unite!!! Attack! Haha! =)

I don't know the guy he was with in this video, but he told me it was his bestfriend. (My cousin's the one wearing the blue top, btw.)

I guess they shot this in their dorm room.
I mean, in our dorm rooms.. I was in the same dorm before (not room though, just the building!) when I was still studying back home. It's the one in front of the DLSU-UMC-- De LaSalle University Medical Center (Only DLSU-D people can relate to this! Haha!) and we would call it Deerland or USA because the owners of the building were literally raising deers inside. Haha!

Who would have ever thought that from USA (usa), I would be typing this from U.S.A (United States of America) ??? LOL. =P

My cousin never fails to make me laugh with his silly-ness. Haha! He's one of my closest that's why I miss him so much. I'm glad that now I could see more of him because of his videos, and hopefully really see him (as in flesh and bones) when they come and visit this December. Yey! =)

*I couldn't embed it from their account so I just recorded the video while watching it-- that explains why it was shaky, 'cause I was ROFL-ing myself while recording it! =)

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