Saturday, April 26, 2008--- ♥2:53 PM

My week-long Spring break was so... blah!
Haha! I don't know how else to describe it! It's just so boring and predictable.. It could basically be described in 3 sentences.

Phone calls and Y!M's with my friends from here and back home.
Watched not only one, but two crappy movies. (Well in a way this was nice since the person I was with wasn't crappy!)
Ate pizza and subs for dinner.
Pigged out and couch-potatoed at the house. (Hmm, well this was also nice because of the laughtrip moments.)
Went to malls but sadly, just window shopped.

Oh, my bad, I made 5 sentences. LOL.
Well, okay, I guess it wasn't really THAT bad... It just wasn't THAT good either! I mean, 'cause last Spring break I made a promise to myself that I would really have fun this year to make up for last year's lame ass-excuse of a vacation. Atleast last year I was at the beach this time of year! And so, yeah, I was really looking forward to this but whatever. Haha. I still had fun. Atleast I got to spend some quality moments with.

Haha. =P

Anyways, on others news... Have you guys heard or read about this?
The paparazzi people really are pervs!

I mean hello, it's very evident.. very obvious infact that poor Emma was trying her best to keep her legs together!
These stupid pap's just keeps on shoving their cameras in between every woman/girl's private parts. And she's how old? 16? 17? Pfft! Freakin' phedo's! I just want to Sectumsempra them all!

Arg, I still want to share a lot of stories with you but I just don't feel like sitting down anymore.
Haha. It's the second day of my 5-day womanly cycle and the cramps on my lower abdomen are freakin' annoying me so I just want to walk them out. Haha.
It's really soo much fun being a girl, no?
Pfft. Sarcasm.

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