Sunday, April 13, 2008--- ♥6:23 PM
Signal to the JEEPNEY, pick me up! Take me to the place where, I grew up!

I got tagged by Cams a few days ago and since I'm home-- alone and bored, I decided to do it! =) Wahaha.

But you know what, I really shouldn't be bored right now... I should be busy preparing for the Anatomy midterms we'll be having this week.
But yeah, you know me... procrastination girl.

Anyways, I think I might be back on blogger sooner than I expected! I miss blogging here so much! =)
I miss all the blogger friends I met (Yes, YOU who's reading this!) here!
Haha!! So yeah.. Fcuk Anatomy and hello blogger! =P

♥The Rules:
I. Each blogger starts with ten random random facts/habits about themselves.
II. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their then things and post these rules.
III. At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
IV. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

I'm really, really, REALLY looking forward for something this Friday. =)
Eeeh, just thinking about it gets me all giddy! Haha!!
I don't want to reveal it yet cause I'm afraid I might jinx it! But trust me, when it DOES happen, you'll be the first ones I'd share it with!

I learned how to make French Toast by watching PBB's Teen Edition! Wahaha!! =)
OMGosh, I'm such a fan!
I'm really missing tagalog shows... you know it's really irritating to have to watch American shows all the time! It's a good thing YouChoob was invented!
I love you, YouChoob!!! =P

I have been hooked on for days now! (Your fault CINDSSS!!!) Haha! =P
I have always been sooo jealous of people who are really good with digital make-up edits and since poor little old me doesn't have an Adobe Photoshop installed on my computer, I was really happy when I read about this on Cindy's blog!
Check out my not-so-nice edits!

Pardon me, I'm still a noob! =P

(Check my title!)
I badly, badly, badly want to go back (home) to the Philippines already!
I'm sooo homesick! Huhu!!!
I admit.
I don't want to stay there for good... I just want to visit, like for maybe a month or so.

I miss my friends! I miss my room! I miss my cousins! I miss the malls! I miss driving! I miss the pollution!!!
And I wanna see Greenbelt 5! I wanna go to Embassy! I wanna swim at Boracay! I wanna eat isaws, dugos and kwek-kweks again. Waah!!!

Country roads, take me home. To the place I belong...
(LOL, Virgina yun eh!)

I miss being a child again!!! Waah!!!
While reading my soul sister, Scarlet's blog, I felt nostalgic after seeing his post about TV shows from our childhood years.
Haha, seriously!
You see, the only anime I ever watched in my whole life was... tentenenen..

Ghost Fighter!!!

Haha!!! I love, love, loveddd Vincent there!!
I loved the 100 porsyentong kapangyarihan ni Taguro! Bwahaha!!
I loved Eugene's Ray-gun(?) and I love, love, loveddd the pacifier-sucking kid, Jericho.

I was such a tibo back then!
I played with tex and all the street games you can imagine, with kids that lived 4 streets away from our house!
That's right, I used to "travel" (hey, 4 streets is long for an 8 year-old girl, itching to run around, okay!) just to play with kids from the other side of our "Village." Haha!!

(Kasi naman, all the other kids in my street were KJ's, and during that time, they were making our street into a main street na so all cars and public transportations were passing non-stop to and fro which made it unsafe for us younglings to play.)

Although I'm missing my Bedo brothers and sisters, and my BSN2-8 friends, I'm happy I'm meeting and gaining new friends here.
Yay, me! =)

I believe Blair Waldorf is trying to imitate me!
Pano ba naman kasi, I saw on one of her pictures, her wearing a pair of shoes looking exactly like mine!
Poser, much?
Haha!! LOL!
You don't believe me?
Here's proof...

Oh, diba? Tsktsk, I hate her!! Haha!! =P

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Let's be friends there!
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Oh, and you really can't see my full profile unless you add me because I've made some stuff there (the more personal ones) for contacts only. Okay, okay?

And please do follow me on Twitter too!
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I'm such a boyband lover!!
Wahaha!! My first "celebrity" crush ever was Mark Feehily (from Westlife)-- which I recently found out was gay.

Forgive me for being so cheesy but back then I would write him fan mails and make fan fictions of him and me being together forever. ♥ Bwahaha!!

Diba? How can a 6th grader me resist that boy-next door charm? =P LOL!

And finally,
I still haven't showered and it's already almost 9pm.
Stinky, me! =P

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