Sunday, April 20, 2008--- ♥8:24 PM
So call your shawty and tell him you found a new man, the one who’s so so fly, the one that keeps you high.

I just finished watching Degrassi's newest season! I'm soo darn happy!! =)

I missed watching my Degrassi! It has been one of my faves way, way, wayyy before Gossip Girl (new episodes start tomorrow at 8, woohoo!) started. I haven't been able to watch much of it on TV since The N Network switched their home channel, so watching it almost half the day yesterday gave me my much needed fix! Haha. =)

Heyyy, is this a sign of what I'll be doing for my 1 week Spring break?-- Staying home, being a couch potato, blabbing away on the telephone???

Noooo.. I don't like! Haha!! =P

I want to go to the beach, take my top off and pose for the camera while shouting,
"SPRING BREAKKKK, 08!!!" (insert planting a frenchy on some random, preferably French guy here) "WOOHOOO!"
Jokeee lang. LOL! =9

--But the beach part was true. I seriously want to go beaching. Haha! Someone please take me? =)

Anyways, I'm soo excited for my Mom is gonna be taking her DMV test sometime this week. Gaaah!! I can't wait for her to finally get her license here! She was a great driver back home (na hindi ko namana dahil oo, more than 5 times ko ata nabanga yung kotse namin!), and I'm soo looking forward to driving around the city with her... just like we used to. =)

Haha. Old school Mother and daughter picture.
Lavlavlav my Mommy. ♥

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