Tuesday, April 15, 2008--- ♥4:07 PM
Socks are not stinky!

I just found out that my phone can convert *(whatever) files and store e-books! =)
I'm soo happy!! ♥
I wonder what else this phone can do? Hmm.
I'm really soo smart you know. I mean, I've had this phone for more than a year already and yet I'm only discovering it's other functions now. Yay me, not. =P
(Note: *whatever 'cause I don't really know what they're called, sorry!)

I'm currently DL-ing Book 1 of The Series of Unfortunate Events.
I know they're ancient but I've never read them... Haha! I have seen the movie version though and I just fell in love with Violet's character.

I think I might stick to light reads for the moment.
I'd love to DL some of Paolo Coelho, J.D. Salinger and Dan Brown's work but I don't think I could concentrate on reading them since Anatomy takes up most of my time, especially now that it's Midterms week. I think I might also get an e-book of that Twilight series sometime soon since almost everyone in the Philippines keeps on talking about it. Haha. I just wanna know what all the buzz is about! =)

I'm soo soo looking forward to reading this tomorrow on the Subway! Haha! =)
I always get bored especially when I'm alone, and yeah, I know I can count on some good old music to entertain me but...
psssh, sometimes music ain't enough yo! Haha.

...Besides we all know iPods are soooooo last season,
e-books are the in thing nowadays.

Anyhoo, I just loved what I wore to school today.
It's actually my Mom's so I'm guessing it's vintage?
Haha! You can really get good finds whenever you snoop around Mommy's closet. =)

Ooh, time check: 4:44.
Make a wish! ♥

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