Tuesday, April 22, 2008--- ♥11:57 AM
Still hungover from the passover.

I just don't understand why--

... YOU would every now and then still check on me (which would be awesome if you did that to me when we were still together, but YOU didn't), when in fact it was YOU who told me to leave?

... YOU would call me a "Whore" when in all honesty (and YOU and I both know this), it was YOU who cheated?

I just don't understand how--

... YOU could compose a message, insinuating that it was me who started it, when in fact it was YOU who plops in every now and then on my "people who viewed me" list.
-- And no, I didn't check your guestbook... my good friend did.

... YOU could act that way, being superior and all, still having your pride intact when it was YOU who made an ass out of me, and not forgetting to mention, fooled me.

I just don't understand what--

... happened to YOU.

... made YOU like that?
YOU were so nice to me, before...

I guess I really shouldn't care anymore.
It has been almost half a year for goodness sake!

It's just that your ghost keeps on coming back. YOU keep showing up in the most unexpected places... And whenever YOU do that, every tear, every memory, every emotion, everything, just suddenly comes back to me.

I have gotten over this.
I swear I'm okay now!
I've been really great for months now... but the thing that happened this weekend really placed a frown on my face.

I guess all my "Why's" would never, ever be answered in this lifetime.
And I'm not expecting or do I want any response from YOU.

I just want to let everything out.
Tell the whole world what really, truly happened because I'm sick of being thought of as the bad person.

I have forgiven and somehow forgotten all.

But the fact still remains, YOU made a douche bag out of me.
And for that, I could never trust nor respect YOU again.

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