Monday, April 14, 2008--- ♥3:08 PM
Stuff it, bird legs! =)

I'm having such an uber productive day! ♥
(...and it's only 3pm! Snaps for me! Woohoo!) =D

I wasn't able to sleep well a while ago 'cause it got really cold at around midmorning, and our dumb heater didn't turn itself on. You see, our heat system here automatically switches itself open when the temperature drops below 40degF. So yeah, I was freezing my ass out and so I decided to just get up early.

I fixed breakfast for me and my Mom so we could eat together while watching the news-- Today (our favorite morning program!). I was thinking of making my ever-famous French toast, but apparently my Mom wanted to eat rice so I just made my 2nd ever-famous dish, scrambled eggs with sardines (Haha, trust me, they're gooohoood!!!).

Then I went to the laundromat to wash 3-weeks worth of laundry. Woohoo! I don't know why but I just have a fascination of doing the laundry on Mondays! I love laundry Mondays! Haha!!

Soap, powder, bleach, towels, fabric softener, dollars, change, pants, socks...

Whenever I go to laundromats, I always remember Nivea's song, Laundromat. It had been a favorite of mine long before it went mainstream. I always catch myself thinking about it's music video... Haha!
Wouldn't it just be totally hot to have flirtation moments with a Nick Cannon-ish kinda guy while doing laundry?
Oh, and check out their outfits from the video! Me likey!!! Hmm, maybe I'll try that sometime this summer. Haha!
Okay, what the hell, that was sooo random.

Anyways, after the laundry me and Friend watched a movie. We were supposed to see Prom Night but the cinema near our place didn't have it yet so we ended up just watching the Superhero Movie-- which totally sucked. BOO! =(

I'm tired of typing already! Haha!!
Let me just share (again) with you some of the pictures I edited while doing this-- Oh ha, multi tasker! =POh diba? Lakas maka- eye bags nung last two pictures! Haha!
Anyways, am I getting better?
I'd like to think so.
Haha! Kaya sige na, please, oo nalang kayo. =P Joke!!
(You can edit your pics too! Just go to!)

So ayun, sige na I'm getting hungry na... We have pepper steak with onions and I think it's calling my name already. =P
Hmm, yumeeeh! =)


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