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Visual Artist nga ba? =P

It has been practiced that during Senior year in CSA, we get to choose the class that we want to be a part of. They let us pick during our Junior year and the choices are as follows: Research, Computer, Accounting and Visual Arts. I didn't like maths and computers so obviously Accounting and Computer where no-no's. Because there were 10 sections, we were divided like this.

A and B- Research
C and D(Pilot class)- Computer
E, F and G- Accounting
H, I and J- Visual Arts

I remember choosing Visual for my first choice for a number of reasons. First was because of the feedbacks that has been passed on to me by my upper batch friends. They told me that Visual was the most fun since we're gonna be getting lots and lots of free artsy-fartsy stuff (which turned out to be true cause I got a lot of Faber-Castell colored pencils, calligraphy pens, sketchpads, clays, paints, etc).

I also chose it because I knew that my teacher was gonna be Sir Nacion-- which had been a fave of mine when he taught our class in Freshman year. So can just imagine how happy I was when I learned that not only was he gonna be my teacher, he was also gonna be my adviser as well. Haha. =)

I was in Section J by the way, and no, the arrangement of sections weren't ordered from smartest to bobo-est. Haha. Defensive? No naman, I just want to explain.

Anyways, since Visual Arts was what was "labeled" as the funnest class, almost all the maloko's and the *ehem* "jocks" signed up there. Haha. Needless, I could tell you that my fourth year classmates were comprised of the more happy-go-lucky ones in the batch, and in my 13 years of stay there, I'd rank it as my favorite. Haha. ♥

***Shoutout's to my 4-J Cool classmates. Nyahaha! 4-J Cool is an inside joke, but I'm sure most of you are gonna get it 'cause hello, wag na tayo maglokohan, hindi tayo inosente. Haha!***

So yeah, this got long na when all I really just wanted to show you were some "artworks" we did in class. Haha.

My friend Toni was our adviser for that day because it was STAP (Student-Teacher A Program) week.. LOL! I forgot na what the A stands for! Arg! And so yeah, we had this activity... and based from the drawings you'll see later, we didn't really put much effort into it since it was one of those laughtrip class moments.

Read all about what happened in Toni's Multiply and look at the complete collection of the drawings there too.
Click HERE.

(I don't really remember who my partner here was 'cause both Leslie and Martin chose me as theirs. But I'm guessing it's Martin since I drew him as well. Haha, sorry Les!)

(3rd and 4th: Les and me in real life at a sleepover during our nene days.)

(By Les. Haha, kamukang kamuka ba? Pero atleast diba, pursigidong Nursing na talaga kami 4th year palang! LOL!)

(Arbul and me in real life, after graduation.)
(Sorry, blurred pics due to camera phone's stupid night mode.)

(Drawn by me. Oh diba, kuhang-kuha ko yung lips ko! At yung bridge ko.. antibay nyan for sure! LOL!)

(By Arbul. Tsktsk, may HD talaga yun sakin eh. Tingnan mo maski drawing niya nakatingin sakin! Haha!)

And here's just one of my most fave ones.
It's from my classmates, Mayo and Jul.

Scenario: After 10 years
Mayo: "Hi, musta?"
Jul: "Asenso nako pare!"

Haha! Laughtrip talaga to eh! =)

Haha. So ayan. Ayan ang product ng pagiging Visual artists namin. I'm sure proud na proud samin ang adviser namin! Haha, LOL!!! =)

I MISS Highschool!

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