Monday, January 21, 2008--- ♥7:47 PM
Trick or treat, smell my feet. Give me something good to eat!

(Me and my bloated face!)

Yesterday I was watching some movies online with my friend,-- yes, we're friends now!, Earl. Nyahaha! It was supposed to be Cloverfield but I didn't like it so I stopped it midway. Then he recommended Battle Royale... I've never heard of it before yesterday but it turns out it was pretty good! It's this Japanese flick wherein a class of high school students inside a school bus were kidnapped and taken into an abandoned island which later on turns out to be some kind of battleground. You could only get out of there when all of your other classmates are dead, so basically you're gonna have to kill for survival 'cause only 1 person gets to leave. It's a cool movie if you're like into gory stuff like me... So yeah, try to watch it! =) Then after Battle Royale, I watched 27 dresses... which was... soo effin' bad, it puts the B in Boring!!! Haha! =P

Anyways, since this blog is dedicated to all things silly and yummy... Yes, that is me after eating half a pint of my current addiction, Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Ice Cream! Arrr! Imagine?? Half a pint?? I was outside the bathroom that time 'cause I was trying to do a Blair Waldorf, which was to stick my finger down my throat... I was successful at doing that but nothing came out! Haha! I wonder why?? Maybe I'm not fit to be bulimic! Haha! =P

I've always had crazy food cravings which usually lasts for more or less one month. It's an addictive cycle wherein once im fixated on something, I eat it over and over AND over again until I get sick of it... Yes, over and over again, meaning everyday (or at least every other day!).
Here are some them:

Cheesy (the chips!) and chocnuts during recess and lunch when I was in high school. --(My BC babies can totally attest to this!)

Hershey's Cookies 'n cream chocobits, those pink and purple colored Nerds and "mixed" flavored fries when I was in Grade 4. --(which me and my busmates would buy and eat on the bus on the way home!)

Mango float --(also during high school!! Oh, how I miss CSA!!)

Taho!!! --(*and with a shy smile* "Manong, padami nung matamis, please!")

Food from Fiat and Lolo Claro's and the "bahay-kubo"-like-place right outside Nicasia when I was in LaSalle! --(Oh, I miss my BSN28!!)

YEMA!! --(Eman!! Red!! Migs- the poem!!! Haha!! =D )

Lays' cheddar and sour cream! --(my comfort food when I came here!)

Reese's peanut butter cups --(which only lasted for a week.. two at most!)

Salad from the school's caf. --(and from Seattle's!)

McD's friesss!!! --(This one never went away.. till now!!!)

and right now, it's the one I was telling you earlier (B&J's Phish Food Ice Cream), and just so you know, it's not "fish-food" flavored (YUCK!), it was named that way 'cause the chocolate bits inside were shaped like cute little fishies. =)

There are tons more I'm sure, but I just couldn't remember them already! =) A lot of my friends have scolded me (Karla!! Haha!!) for eating just for the sake of munching. I know, I'm a pig! Haha!! =D But what can I do, food makes my tummy happy!! =D

You know you love it too(food!),

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