Monday, January 7, 2008--- ♥6:21 PM

Ugh! But before that, let me just say.. This is my first entry everrrr for 2008!
Fwakamollyyy, hiatus!! =P

Mmkay! A few days ago Cindy, my dandaa( maganda!=D ) friend, wrote something on her blog about Koreans. I admit! I'm guilty of being a "wannorean"--Naks, Cindy! Ikaw nagpauso nito!-- too! =) I absolutely love everything Korean-esque. From their Han-Bok(?)-- the national costume down to their own version of Hollywood, "Koreywood"-- (I know, I made that one up!).

I have always liked watching their movies and soaps AND have always enjoyed listening/singing along to their songs which I can't really understand/pronounce properly. (Refer to THIS entry!). Just last night I spent almost half the day watching/searching for K flicks. Also, sometime last month I spent one whole day watching Full House(my most fav!)-- Yes, the whole season!From the very start down to the credits!-- which took about 18 hours to finish!-- including bathroom and kitchen breaks! Haha! =)

So yeah. (Going back to the title.) I've always wondered what it felt like to date someone K-- or even be close friends with one! We had a foreigner's class at CSA before, and yeah I've had some K acquaintances during the 7th grade--(I was in Section B, and the foreigner's class was Sec.A). I mean, cause obviously I've had my fair share of Pinoys! And I guess I already have some knowledge with Americans and Espanols since I've been around them for pretty much almost a year now. But Koreans? (I Love You, KEVJUMBA!) Never.

I guess you've noticed that I haven't been updating "well" that much. Part of the reason is cause I have been nursing a broken heart. No, scratch that. I'm STILL nursing that said heart. I guess what I really just want now is closure-- from him. Yes, him! Too bad Santa didn't give me my Christmas wish. I guess I hadn't really been a good girl last year. Umm, but okay enough of that... Arg, I don't know anymore! Hmm...

What I'm trying to say is I hope I could find my very own "Justin"... He who would teach me how to ride a bike, who'll make me chicken porridge whenever I'm sick and who would choose me over all the "Lorraine's" in the world. I would also love to have a "Juno" whom which would wake up in the wee hours of the morning just to get me my octopus craving or marry me in our school gym.

Fukc! Anlabo nito!

Anyways, sorry about that disgusting post!
Just some quick updates..
Our computer has been reformatted..
School has started yet again..
Newfound friends..
I forgot the other things already.. =P

I'm gonna visit your blogs tomorrow, okie? I'll be out of school by 12 so I'll have time. =) Thanks so much for all the tags! But for now..


P.S. Just wanted to share these.
Just venting out...

From JANNA (
Why did it have to end like this? This year was supposed to be happy and the thing we had was supposed to be the cherry on top. Duh? I'm so stupid. After posting an entry about being okay and talking through things with my mum, here I am hurting and trying to get over it once again. I guess the healing process will take more than two days. Give me till next week, I promise I'll end this loser streak. I'll be the old sane me. He just lost someone so sweet and caring. So HAHA to you mister. I don't even know if he felt the same way. I guess not. Torment me now please. Anyway, it's DAY ONE of moving on. Yesterday was the fake DAY ONE because after I wrote that blog below this, I went back to being the stare-at-the-ceiling gal ready-to-stay-in-bed-for-the-rest-of-the-week. He is effin up. I mean it. Ack.

Screw you Disney for making me believe in happy endings. No, I take that back. I love fairy tales.

From Reckless, An It Girl Novel (Cecily Von Ziegesar)--
It really kind of sucked to be close for someone for so long and then suddenly not be anything anymore.

From Jessie (Full House)--
Sabi nila pag mahal mo ang isang tao, inaalagaan mo ito. Kaya sige, alagaan mo na siya. Wag kang mag-alala.. aalagaan naman kita eh.

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