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I need you to hurry up now, cause I can't wait much longer!

Sorry about the byline which you'll see later. It's just the frustrated writer inside of me typing! Lol! Anyhoo, here's my 3rd entry on the "What's inside your..." posts.

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By: Nadine Kristel Arraiza

So, the festive season came and went... Were you happy with the gifts you got? Did you "recycle" some of them? Or were you at the nearest malls the day after to get them exchanged? Haha! =D

I sure wasn't expecting the gifts I got this past year... I even thought I wouldn't get any (well except maybe from my Mom, since all my other ninongs/ninangs/close friends are back home!). But yeah, thankfully, I did! =) I would really have loved showing ALL of them to you, it's just that some of them have already gone-- in my stomache(chocolates and cookies!), others are currently in the laundry basket and the rest I guess are just to personal to share. Heehee. I know it's kinda late posting Christmas-inspired entries but hey, shouldn't everyday be like Christmas Day? =P

Sidenote: This was taken at a photo booth inside the moviehouse the weekend before Christmas. We watched National Treasure: Book of Secrets. A movie wasn't really part of the plan. We were just supposed to eat at Pot's house for a Pre-Christmas party. It was just one of the spur-of-the-moment moments. Haha!

Skulls! Skulls! Skulls! Yey! Scarf, lipgloss and slippers from Claire's. (The top was from H&M though-- I bought it for myself!)

Shirts, shirts and more shirts! Those are just the three ones I still haven't used. They still even have their tags on them! The other shirts I got were, like I said, at the laundry basket already. I love getting clothes! They really are useful, especially for school! Haha! See, I have a rule... Not to wear the same outfit twice in one month. =D

I got a new school bag too. It really came handy cause my old bag's really big for me now since I'm only taking 1 subject this session. So there. (Notice that it's also brown.. it's just the smaller version of the one I have!)

Mom gave this to me. You know I've always wanted a Tokidoki one, right? But Mom checked and saw that Macy's and Lord&Taylor were out of them. Since I don't know any other store with a LeSportsac boutique, she opted to just buy this. She also got one for herself but hers is black. It's Guess' too so I guess it's a perfect replacement for TD.

This is one of the more personal ones. Haha! You're lucky I even showed you the box! Jokeee!! =D

I also got gift cards from Roxy, Lord&Taylor and Macy's. I'll show you the other clothes I got from them some other time. =D My Tito Ramon also gave me a D&G perfume. We also got an entertainment system (complete with speakers and subwoofers) from Tito Nilo. There were also the almost endless supply of chocolates, truffles, cakes and maybe all the sweets you can imagine from various people! But above all these, I guess the "gifts" I really enjoyed getting were the ones from my friends back home. They're not material things but they mean the most to me! All of their messages in Y!M, in Friendster and in Multiply really made my year! Special thanks to Eman and Migs for even calling! I was really touched, not to mention shocked because hey, long distance calls costs money y'know! =) I love them boys! =D

New Year? Jan 1st here is done way differently from the way we do it in the Phil. For one thing firecrackers aren't allowed here so it's really quiet-- well except maybe for the clappers and little trumpets the children have. We welcomed the year by just watching the dropping of the ball on TV and going to the 2nd and 6th floor to greet some friends. We didn't eat media noche anymore because earlier that night we ate out at my all-time fave Thai resto, My Thai. =D

P.S. Have you seen the trailer for Meet the Spartans? I think it's funny! Anyone agree with me? =D
P.P.S. I also wanna watch Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo! Will someone please upload them in YouTube already? =P


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